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Hello travel buddies searching for best place to travel in the world , here is your stop. I recently visit Los Angeles in vacations. I travel “Angeles” and I visit some famous places and restaurants you visit . “The Angeles” officially the City of Los Angeles and known as L.A. The most populous city in California . It has top rated hotels , restaurants, spa and many more things to travel. “Los Angeles ” is city of clear blue skies,beaches, mountains , and desert landscape beckon to visit and see for yourself . Here is the list of Top 10 places to visit in Los Angeles which recently visited

First day in LA I visited Grand Central Market. It is a 30,000 square-foot arcade featuring food emporium and retail marketplace in downtown LA. It is been operating in Los Angeles with a national-caliber eating experience that showcases California’s best ingredients,chefs and entrepreneurs. It’s a great place to experience the cultures of Los Angeles. Simply walking through or even getting something to eat from one of the numerous food vendors. And I visit the world shortest railway. The Angels Flight located right outside the Market. Its 298 feet inclined railway. For more info about Angels Flight you can click

Angels Flight

On my 2nd day. I visit OUE Skyspace and its tickets cost me around 21 US dollar . It is tallest open-air observation deck of the iconic US Bank Tower with breathtaking views towards Los Angeles. The skyspace can has taken LA to new height. You can do all sorts of things there engage with their interactive technology. Take a break and have one of their signature cocktails . You must experience the 45-foot Skyslide an fully enclosed with glass slide nearly 1000 feet above. The actual view of LA will change after taking ride in this. It will become more amazing

Now its my 3rd day in LA I visited. The Bradbury Building.  An architectural and historical  landmark in downtown Los Angeles, California. It has an Five-story office building known for its extraordinary sky lit atrium of access walkways, stairs and ornate ironwork. It was build by Los Angeles gold-mining millionaire Lewis L. Bradbury and constructed by draftsman George Wyman from the original design by Sumner Hunt. It has appears in movie and television shoots and music videos. I personally love this place because It was designated as an national Historic Landmark building in LA .

My fourth place which I visited was , The Hollywood Sign. I would personally say do visit because it Is one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The word “HOLLYWOOD” is spelled out in 45 foot tall white capital letters and is 352 feet long. The Hollywood was initially as read “HOLLYWOOD LAND” due to contract with the city it removed land . After I visited Hollywood sign then i visited exciting amusement park

5. There were several exciting amusement parks surroundings the city like Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc. I visited Hollywood Universal Studios it is both a film studio and a theme park. It is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood film studios still in use. When I visited studio it gave me an amazing experience of Universal Studios sets. I enjoy rides and visit film sets of some of my favorite movies like, Back to the Future, Psycho and many more

6. After studio tour I visited. Hollywood Walk of Fame features over 2,600 stars embedded in the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry,bearing the names of actors, directors, musicians, producers, fictional characters, and others.Do not forget to look for the famous Chinese theatres. Featuring handprints, footprints,and signatures of some of the Hollywood’s biggest stars

7. After walk of stars i visited Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is one of world’s most famous upscale places to live and shop. After Hills I visit a RODEO DRIVE, a famous shopping street with expensive designer stores and small private boutiques. It became immortalized by Julia Robert’s “Pretty Woman” shopping spree. The area is popular with wealthy shoppers, sunglass-wearing celebrities and tourists hoping to see fashion icons.

8. After that I visited Santa Monica Pier. It is a large double-jointed and over 100 years old pier located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. Its iconic entrance made the pier popular with both residents and visitors. A sign on the pier marks the end of the legendary American highway Route 66, symbolizing that this road only ended when the sea stood in its way. The pier also contains Pacific Park and a family amusement park with a solar paneled ferris wheel. It is very popular tourist spot expect it can get very crowded

9. Venice is a residential, commercial and recreational beachfront neighborhood. It was founded in 1905 as a seaside resort town. Over the years it transformed into a free-spirited boardwalk and residential area full of funky shops, imaginative street performers and public art. If you love ride to you can rent a scooter or a bike and ride along the Venice Beach and we can play some sports in one of many public sport areas. If you have time ,do visit the Venice Canals nearby. The canals were created in the early 1900’s to mimic the famous canals in Venice, Italy. By the way, if you enjoy the view of the ocean you can visit other beaches near Los Angeles like Zuma beach EL Porto beach.

10. Los Angeles is a perfect destination for the art lovers. Some of the world-class museums include Los Angeles County Museum of Art with famous Urban Light assemblage sculpture composed of 202 street lamps. J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Villa, and many more. Los Angeles is home and a creative hub to numerous artists and small galleries. We visited Randy and his sculpture Phantasma Gloria. It was an amazing experience to hear him talk passionately about his art. Go visit Randyland if you are ever in Los Angeles

So these were top 10 thing you must visit when you travel Los Angeles. And if you want to see more amazing blogs you may click on off beats travel


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