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Statue of Unity: Know What’s Prestigious Experience Is Waiting For You.

World Tallest Statue in World “Statue of Unity” In This Proud  Achievement  &  Remembering  ‘The Iron Man of India’ , Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Man with a clear ambition to bring India together after independence. Likewise, World’s Tallest Statue is Standing  Twice The Height of USA’s  Statue of Liberty, in other words crown goes to “Statue of Unity”. Furthermore World’s Tallest Statue introduce by Narendra Modi

comparison of statue of unity

Statue of Unity Making

Comparatively World’s Tallest Statue equal to 61 storage building.  As a result, the project was Handel by Larsen & Toubro. It was challenging for engineers to find a place for giant World’s Tallest Statue “Statue of Unity”. At maximum survey location decided in middle of Narmada edge. During this situation, L&T Engineers Came to know that wind speed can go up to 130 to 180 km/hr. Exponentially 18500 tons of steel metric and 1700 tons of bronze and 70,000 metric tons of cement. In fact making of the World’s Tallest Statue”Statue of Unity”cost 2989 Crores (Rupee). And one more amazing fact we must have glace is 182M was intentionally chosen to match the numbers of seats in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly.

Artist & Architect Behind Statue of Unity.

The face of Sardar is an exact replica of the face of main statue in a proportion of 1:5. World’s Tallest Statue was designed by Ram Sutar

World’s Tallest Statue Meets Luxurious Facility Too..

As a Indian  you will feel very proud after seeing this World’s Tallest Sculpture “Statue of Unity”  I am sure One sentence blink  in your mind that is ‘’I Am So Blessed I Am Indian & Born In Incredible India”.  So visitors you will have so many Luxurious Facility which are designed according to tourists love to do while admiring this Huge Sculpture That is…Statue of Unity also has a remembrance gallery, an exhibit  floor at 153M high which  will help your eyes & your camera to capture beautiful scenes of Satpura and Vindhyachal Mountains. After seeing this scene i am 100% sure your love for nature will increase and forget about your stressful life.  And Don’t worry along with Nature love Modern Lifestyle is also taken care that is Shreshta Bharat Bhavan complex at the base of the statue is home to museum, a shopping mall, international food corner and a hotel.

Luxurious Nature Resort- Stay At Tent City

tent city developed at world's tallest statue "statue of unity"
Tent City suited just near to “Statue of Unity” idol. This Tent City which is capable to provide you Luxurious Staying. It had got facility of booking online with all comfort. Tent City Had got 500 tents with modern facilities so tourist can enjoy each & every second peacefully. 

Valley of Flower

After  a small break and after admiring of Statue of Unity you will definitely love to take a small walk to Valley of Flower located on bank of the river narmada. But i would like to share a fact best time to visit Valley of Flower during Sunset. Where you can capture or record a Time Lapse video during that time you feel how beautifully Sun is Setting  behind the mountains with little cold breeze. That scene will create unforgotten memories of you and your Love Ones……

River Rafting

At this point of 2019 River Rafting new adventure planned for youth. More than this “Statue of Unity” including Gujarat states first-ever River Rafting.

 How To Reach Here To Experience Marvellous Tour

You can Reach Statue of Unity Bus, Train as well as Airlines. If your planning bike ride with your office guys or with your life partner  you can sure plan like that it just 90 km from Surat as well as Vadodara. So that result in great road trip destination.

Grab Ticket For You & Your One Don’t Miss It….

Entry ticket you can grab it online at offbeatstravel. “Statue of Unity” open on Tuesday To Sunday. And One more thing to remember on Monday it remain close due to maintenance work. Costing of Ticket is 350 Rs for adult and children aged over 3 year. And Entry for Statue of Unity gates open at Morning 8:00 am and Closes at 6:00 pm.

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